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Know Thyself - Quote by Socrates

Knowing yourself is the key to knowing what you are destined to do or be in life. A lot of people have gone off-course in life because they are simply imitating others. Knowing yourself is applicable in virtually every sphere of life - career, relationship and others. You can only thrive exceptionally in what you have been endowed with the abilities to venture in. While a fish can function at its optimum capacity in water, other creatures such as birds would only get drowned when you place them into water.

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The best way to say it is this; you will live a struggle-free life when you know thyself!

Nothing Gold Can Stay - Quote by Robert Frost

This motivational quote by Robert Frost is basically laying an emphasis that nothing is actually permanent. Humans are swamped in change - so, it is better for us to get accustomed to this singular fact. Unlike the earlier generations where you hear things like 'life career' or 'life employment', career swing in recent generation is so common. In fact, some people can engage in up to five different careers in a lifetime - someone's ideal career today may change tomorrow. Indeed, nothing gold can stay.

No Great Thing is Created Suddenly - Life Quote by Epictetus (A.D.200)

Indeed, nothing good comes easy. A lot of people have lost focus of this singular fact and that's why we are almost translating to a generation of 'it-is-now-or-never'. Thomas Edison who is associated with the invention of incandescent light was said to have failed several times in the process before the moment of success came. Watch out for anything created suddenly or any sudden success, it does not last! Greatness and great things require steady and lots of time, thoughts, efforts and sacrifice. Anything done in haste is rarely done well.

To Live is even an act of Courage Sometimes - Seneca

This life quote/inspirational quote is practical over and again; perhaps you've been there several times yourself. There are sometimes when it appears ever thing has stopped working; the more effort you put the less result you see. At such moments, you need to muster courage not to give up. Suicide is not the solution to any life issue - it is only a permanent solution to a temporal problem, it should never be an option.

The annoying part is that moment of despair usually happen to people who are sincere, qualified candidates and hardworking, but are set back by circumstances beyond their control. When moments of despair come - just anchor on Churchill's words "Never give in, never, never, never; in nothing, whether great or small - never give in to anything but convictions of good sense and honor".


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